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 Tucson results and news!

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PostSubject: Tucson results and news!   Tucson results and news! I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 29, 2013 11:55 am

Just wanted to take some time and tell you all about our Tucson trip. For those who didn't know, Hector, Jeseh, Efren, Jason, and me all trekked up to Tucson this weekend to race a CVRC (Canyon Vista RC) points series race. WE rented a U-haul and literally had roughly 50k worth of RC stuff in a trailer we connected to Jeseh's Suburban. Between 5 of us guys, we had a total of 22 cars that were taken...lololol.

We left from EL Paso at around 1pm on Friday. and were in Tucson by about 5ish. We checked into the Hotel and headed straight for Competition Hobbies. There are no words to express the level of competition at this facility. Competition hobbies was very very clean, and extremely organized. Paul Carroll was the race director, who we've become very familiar with through his brother Wesley, who also races here with us. So, needless to say we were welcomed warmly. Paul and Big Mike, along with the rest of the Competition Hobbies crew, helped us to our work areas to get settled in and going.

After my first try at only 1/2 a lap I realized that...I'm really not that good; simply put. Navigating this track would take precise trigger/car control - and these locals are ridiculously good. TQ racers quickly found ourselves struggling to hold second to last place in most of our classes. What I will say about our crew, is that we're fast learners. We were able to make some car changes, and learn the track better each second we spent racing on its surface, but there were casualties. You see, the surface at Competition Hobbies is almost concrete and the jumps; oh the JUMPS were jagged with very aggressive inclines that were about 3-3.5 feet tall and peaked at a sharp angle. If I could paint a picture in your mind of what these jumps looked, like picture 4 Dorito chips lined up like a row of sharp shark teeth ^^^^! These jumps were extremely difficult, and there was two 4 packs on the track. Just ask Hector about his RPM Bumper the next time you see him. Anyhow, just an amazing experience and we met many many great people. The funnest class for me was the 4x4 1:10th buggies, these things really shined on this track, and boy were they fast. We had so much fun that we can't wait to do it all again.

Now on the CVRC - I could NEVER put in words how we were treated at Richard's track: Canyon Vista RC Raceway. We were treated like royalty. They even opened the track early for us to set up all our gear AND provided a HUGE canopy for all of us!! Even though the temps were reaching up into the 90's, we were actually pretty cool. Casey Peck was so helpful as always, and the regulars were extremely kind and respectful.

The CVRC track was AMAZING!! This track had all the bells and whistles ANY driver could want. There was a 5 pack rhythm section in the middle. a huge back straight with two rollers at the end of it. There was a big table top jump that, if you felt brave would launch you about 30 ft and land you on the backside of a single to come through the front section that was filled with a double off level triple. There was an off camber slow speed 90 degree turn and our personal favorite - a small long table with a kicker on top ending in a small double before the back straight again. This track was freaking FUN!!! I have never felt a track flow like this ever before it was FAST, smooth, and tried to blue groove right as the mains were about to run.

There were a few Team drivers on hand that helped us tune to prep for the nitro class. There must've been 75+ drivers total with about 20-22 nitro buggies. Efren was the only TQ racer to not make the A main. Efren has some issues that prevented him from qualifying up into the A. Boy was the pressure ever on!! Hector Muela, our biggest hope for a top 3 finish flamed out 5 times which put me next in line with Jeseh. Jeseh and I battled several time throughout this main. I was able to nudge Jeseh into 7th place even though I had no brakes! lololol. OUr O.S. Speed SPEC motors were amazing all weekend, with no problems or hiccups at all. After the 20 minute main, Jeseh and I were told that we were the only two racers who didn't pit for gas twice! We were both able to pit once and finished a strong 6th and 7th. Hector took 2nd in 4x4 SC. I had to bump up from the B main, which I was able to win, and started 3rd from last in the A. I must've found something because I was able to make my way past most drivers to secure a 3rd or 4th place or so in the A main. I'm still not sure exactly where I finished. Jeseh came in behind me a few positions. Jason Darling was also doing well and transferred up into the A main here as well. Jason also raced his 2wd SC and did VERY well with this car, and I do not know what his final finishes were.

I was able to secure a win in my truggy and a 3rd in my E-Buggy. Jeseh won the E-buggy A-Main.

I'd like to Thank our sponsor Hal's Hobby Shop for the Sidewinder Fuel. Hal's gave each nitro racer a free gallon of 30% Sidewinder V2 Race fuel, and the fuel worked flawlessly. Thanks again.

TQ racers would also like to thank Casey Peck for his help and for going out of his way to make us feel at home. We cant say enough about the CVRC family and their hospitality towards us. Richard and his son Jason were just ecstatic to to have us; opening his doors so that we could be spoiled for a day at this wonderful facility. Even our competitors, the locals at CVRC, were great folks. They were very kind and we truly enjoyed the conversation. So we'd like to extend an enormous THANK YOU to CVRC and family for one unforgettable weekend of racing. We WILL be back SOON, VERY SOON!

Note to team TQ - We learned a lot, but there's much work to be done if we're going to be competitive. Let get to work.

Stay tuned for Round TWO TRIP to CVRC coming soon!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Tucson results and news!   Tucson results and news! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 2:21 am

Glad you guys went and had a blast. Casey and his boys are great and the track is awesome. They showed me what fast is and how consistency really matters. I had so much fun when I went.
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PostSubject: Re: Tucson results and news!   Tucson results and news! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 7:37 am

Great job guys!
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Location : El Paso

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PostSubject: Re: Tucson results and news!   Tucson results and news! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 30, 2013 12:23 pm

Todd - Yes we all had a blast. And yes some of those guys were very fast. It was pretty cool overall. My problem is once the sun goes down it's more comfortable, but my racing ability drops severely. I have a lot of trouble focusing on those bright white pipes they use, and it gives me w strange effect while driving. I was actually much faster during practice and I became slower as the nighttime fell. I'm sure night driving is generally more complicated, but I do have an eye injury that makes it that much harder to see depth when everything is the same color with bright white pipes lining the circuit. Either way I had tons of fun and will do it again very soon.
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PostSubject: Re: Tucson results and news!   Tucson results and news! I_icon_minitime

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Tucson results and news!
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